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πŸ“• Be effective! Learn in context

Facts are 22 times more likely to be remembered if they are part of a story. Source

⏰ Save time! Learn from extremely short stories

Micro stories are around 100 words! But there’s a lot of phrases and vocabulary in there!

🎧 Listen too! Audio recordings are included!

Yes! You can also listen to the audio recordings recorded by native speakers in a bus, while cleaning or running! (According to scientists it speeds up language learning!)

πŸ€“ Be smart! Learn with little effort but daily

Learning often even if little by little can be way more effective than less frequent long learning sessions. Source

🎯 Be focused! Spend More Time on One Thing

Read a short text but stay on it for a while to repeat and memorize it properly to actually remember the vocabulary. (It may be very effective)

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